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Friday, May 21, 2010

Political Strategy JJ rendon

It is no coincidence that public opinion in the Latin America has described JJ Rendon as the warrior of the mind and political strategy. His Buddhist like image mixed with iron man has made him a popular and a respected figure in Latin American political strategy. Juan José Rendón known as JJ has crucial paraphernalia to tackle every aspects and fields. JJ uses his knowledge and skills in gaining a deserved political momentum. He is man who uses thoughtful and powerful sentences. An elucidating man by nature, he can oversee all with absolute discretion. He has the tremendous reputation as a political consultant. He is a person who likes to be anonymous in spite of being a protagonist. He works alone, and after 23 years working as a political publicist and strategist, he has grown a reputation as a one of the best political consulters in Latin America. His last participation in the political campaign in Honduras, made Porfirio Lobo Sosa, win the elections. He is currently helping in Colombia to the Juan Manuel Santos campaign for the coming elections.

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