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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Right Pool Furniture For Parties

Planning a bunch of pool parties this summer? Well here's hoping you have enough pool furniture for the job, and the right pool furniture to boot. What is the right furniture you may be asking? Well here's a look at some of the things you need to keep in mind when you are considering the right pool furniture for the summer party season.


One thing you need to make sure you have is enough seating for the people who will be at your home. If you have a small guest list that you invite to your pool parties this may not be a problem. Enjoy the few people who are there and know whatever furniture you have will be enough to take care of them. But if you like to have larger parties you are going to need more seating. In this case you may want to look more into sofas and benches instead of regular chairs. You can often fit more people on a bench or sofa than you can a chair.

Moisture Resistance

The next thing you have to keep in mind is that you need to know the furniture you are purchasing can handle people getting in and out of the pool and sitting on the furniture. If you are holding a pool party that is just what is going to happen. Your guests are going to spend a little time in the pool then want to get out of the pool and sit around and talk for a while. That has the potential to be a lot of chlorine and water getting on your pool furniture. So, before you make a purchase read up on the pool furniture pieces you are considering to make sure they can handle the moisture and are made to be able to expel it instead of molding or mildewing.

Serving Accessories

The last things you need to think of are having enough area to serve up the drinks and snacks that you want to make available at the pool party. There are a few pieces of pool furniture you may want to consider such as cocktail tables and a bar. There are cocktail tables, bars and barstools in all d├ęcor styles and designs to fit any theme you have in place on your patio. These will also give your guests obvious gathering areas where they can socialize and get a cool drink after playing in the sun.

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