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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Social media Strategy

Social media Strategy

We prepare your online marketing strategy,
you and thousands of patients who expect their site is "optimized", are an online marketing agency, we take the time to understand your marketing goals and objectives, to understand your products and services. Above all to understand your customer.

Marketing on the Internet, must be addressed in its entirety.

• Social Media
• Activation Ideation and Social Media Strategies
• Measurement and Analysis
• We design and optimize their profiles on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Youtube and other top shareability specific activations.
• Social Media Integration Blogs

Purpose to give a proper buzz for the social needs of its mark in the media.
Allow us to give our service by experts in social media taking your product by word of mouth practice putting all company marketing capabilities .. We pay more attention to provide customized solutions to meet your needs. The Social media is new territory for most people and businesses need to know exactly what time and money are inviirtirndo

Let us together make a strategic path to success.

Not enough to have a presence in social networks. Consider these steps:

1. Contact us

2. Your target audience

3. We will think of you as a consumer

4. Existing customers will become fans of your product

5. Make use of the negative comments

6. Make use of good reviews in August. Authentic

7. Be clear about what we offer

8. Inspire your customers to share stories

Social media Plans

Social Media Couching From $ 700.00
Social Media Marketing Open Account $ 700.00
Social Media Strategy (monthly) $ 2.100,00

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