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Monday, March 16, 2009

Five Vacation Destinations to Enjoy on Your Travels to Mexico

Travels to Cancun Mexico are a common choice for people who wish to go on vacation wherever they are in the world.  Mexico is one of the leading global tourism centers, with around 22 million visitors coming to the country every year.  Americans and Canadians, either retired snowbirds or college kids going on spring break, make up a big chunk of that number, but it is not unusual to find Europeans and Asians enjoying the sun and sceneries in Mexico. 
It is not surprising why one would want to go on vacation in Mexico.  There are simply a lot of choices and variety when one travels to Mexico on vacation.  If you want culture and history, Mexican culture and heritage is as rich and old as they go.  If you want adventure, you can go on many different directions and find something new and exciting in Mexico.  If you are traveling with kids, there are many places you can take your kids for some fun in the country.  If you simply wish to relax, you can have that too. 
It is all about variety when it comes to a vacation in Mexico.  Here are five destinations that you should not miss on your travels to this Central American country. 
1. The capital city.  Mexico City is the heart of the country, the seat of its government, the center of its culture and the core of its economy.  There are many sites that you can see if you choose to spend your vacation in Mexico City.  You can go on a walking tour starting at the Zocalo and stroll your way to the many museums, parks and churches dotting the city.
1. The beaches.  There are so many beaches to enjoy on your trip to Mexico, and each strip of coastline has its own color and atmosphere.  You can choose from among the Riviera Maya, Acapulco, Cancun, Baja California and Huatulco if you decide to go to the beach on your travels to Mexico.
1. The colonial cities.  Mexico was once a colony of Spain, and if you have an interest in how Spain influenced Mexican culture and architecture outside of Mexico City, you can go on a tour of these colonial cities.  Some of the choice colonial cities to go on your Mexican travels are Guadalajara, the home of tequila and mariachi; Merida, the white city; and Taxco, the jewelry capital of Mexico.
1. The prehistoric sites.  Mexico was home to many ancient civilizations: the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Olmecs and the Zapotecs.  Their culture is just as interesting as that of China or ancient Egypt.  The places you should not miss on your prehistoric journey across Mexico are Chichen Itza, one of the seven new wonders of the world; Teotihuacan in Mexico City; and Tulum, Xcaret and Xel-Ha, all in the Mayan Riviera.
1. The natural wonders.  Mexico is full of natural wonders, and you should not pass an opportunity to explore them on your travels to Mexico.  You can explore the second largest coral reef in the world just off the coasts of the Mayan Riviera.  You can go spelunking and visit underground rivers.  You can take ATV tours or go hiking through the jungles.

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