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Monday, March 16, 2009

Showcase Your Style with Furniture in Miami

Furniture store in Miami come in many different styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary. But because of the tropical climate of southern Florida, it is common to find nautical or coastal styles of furniture in homes. It is also not unusual to see homes done over with modern and urban furniture in Miami Beach and South Beach. 

Regardless of what prevailing trends there are when it comes to furniture in the South Beach area, or in the general Miami area, for that matter, how you will furnish and decorate your home all depends on your personal style. After all, you will be the one who will live in your home, so it is important that your house or your apartment is something that feels comfortable and cozy to you. 

How can you bring out your personal style when decorating and furnishing your home with furniture in Miami? Here are a few secrets that you should know. 

Your favorite things. What pieces of furniture or accessories that you already have which you really love and find hard to let go even if they look out of place with the rest of your things at home? The style by which your favorite furniture and accessories is made reveal a lot about your personal style and preferences.

Your favorite room. Is there a spot in your house that you feel most at home at? If you have your own private nook, such as your bedroom, your home office or just a corner of the house where you spend most of the time relaxing, what kind of look does it have?

Your latest acquisition. What piece of furniture or home accessory did you last buy? How does it look? It does not even have to be a piece of furniture or home accessory. You can also look at your newest pair of shoes or the last piece of clothing that you bought. Your latest acquisitions will tell you if your tastes are actually changing and if a home makeover is due.

Colors and patterns. Are there certain colors and patterns that tend to repeat themselves in the way you have decorated and furnished the rooms in your home? These colors and patterns are definitely the ones that appeal to you the most.

Pictures you like. What kinds of pictures do you have hanging on your wall? When you buy magazines on homes and gardens, what pictures appeal to you?

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