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Thursday, March 19, 2009


The Sofa you should get should not only be comfortable but durable. Also, since the Sofas are going to be one of the biggest pieces of furniture in your living room area, it is important that it fits the overall d├ęcor of the room.
Double Function
When you have a small living room, the furniture pieces you would be choosing should perform a second function. For example, you can get a coffee table with a drawer or tray where you can keep magazines, books or photo albums. You may opt to buy a storage cabinet that doubles as a mirror. You can also pick a sofa that converts into a bed if you have guests sleeping over.

Sofas, Ronald Aarad Sofa - two seater sofa

Speaking of sofas, it may be best for you to opt for a smaller loveseat or chaise lounge rather than a big sofa when you are furnishing your living room. The simple reason is that they are smaller and thus consume less space than a regular sofa.

When you have a small living space, every piece of furniture you buy should count for something that is more than its obvious use. After all, you need to maximize your space as much as you can.

Sofas, Valentin Chair

Valentin Chair

Using Color and Light

Because your small living room may force you to go modern or minimalist when selecting living room furniture, you will definitely have to resort to other means when giving your living room some character. One way of doing this is through the use of color.

Modern or minimalist styles of interior decorating call for the usage of neutral tones like beige, gray, white or brown. But you can add character to your living room by adding a splash of color. Choose just one color and make sure it is bold and bright. If you do not like bright, primary colors, you can opt for light shades of green and blue to create the illusion of space and distance.

Sofas, Classico Arm Chair

Classico Arm Chair

Another way of creating the illusion of space in a small room is the use of ambient light. A single hanging lamp will make a small room seem crowded and gloomy. Instead, place smaller track lights near the wall to make the room look brighter and more spacious.

Choosing the right kind of living room furniture can help a lot in making even a small living room look spacious and tasteful, but without sacrificing comfort.

Sofas, Classico Arm Chair

Frank-arm chair

Sofas, Alba - three seater sofa

Alba - three seater sofa

Sofas, Classico Arm Chair

Classico Arm Chair

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